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Ethical and sustainable shopping for everyone – Monagoo is a social start-up from Bad Homburg (near Frankfurt) in Germany. Monagoo started in August 2014 as an online store for sustainable & ethical products with 5 brands and about 300 items. With that, they wanted test and pilot if consumers and brands are interested in their vision and offering. It worked! Only seven months later, Monagoo grew to 50 brands with more than 5.000 items; ranging from shoes and fashion to adult toys, from accessories and jewelry to sofas and protein powder. In addition to that, they established an online magazine about sustainability. Today, I’ve got an exclusive interview with Holger Heinze, CEO & co-founder of Monagoo, for you.

Holger Heinze (l) and Georg Faust (r), Monagoo founders

 1. First of all, please tell us a bit about yourself. I’ve seen you have worked in Belize, where you were involved…

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