About one year ago I decided I wanted to create a Jazz Website where musicians could connect with fans and create a real sense of community both for the musicians and the fans. A place that would also serve as a distribution hub for their high quality digital albums and singles as well as a place where fans could find out more about them and become a member of our exclusive jazz community TheJazzBox.ca Tribe. A truly remarkable place that would help musicians sell more of their works (80% goes to the musicians) and connect with jazz lovers, a place where new jazz lovers could find out more about jazz and the great musicians on the site. As well we wanted to be able to share interesting videos, scores (or lead sheets), images and more works from the artists so that fans could be involved in and find out more about a jazz musicians creative process. For the musicians it would also be a place where they could raise funds for their next recording or project. Check out the STORY HERE!