I’m ecstatic! Just got the Dave Young Terry Promane Octet Volume One Album from Terry Last night. It will be on http://thejazzbox.ca/ next week. It has Kevin Turcotte, Mike Murley, Vern Dorge, Terry Clark, Gary Williamson, Perry White and of course Terry and Dave on it. Some of the finest Musicians in the world! One of the finest Jazz Ensemble albums I’ve ever heard. The Production is stellar not to mention the fine solos. Help us out and go to the site and buy a track only a $1.05 and Albums, which come with a full set of high res. liner notes, are $9.99 and soon you will be able to buy pro Jazz Orch. charts at a very reasonable price as well. Here is the list of all the artists on the site.

Adrian Peek
Lily-Ann Macdonald
Linda Solotaire
Artie Roth
Louise Van Aarsen
Bruce Cassidy
Duncan Hopkins
Mike Field
Dave Hutchison
MJ Territo
Doug Burrell
Nat Janoff
George Koller
Roger Walls
Greg Runions
Ross Wooldridge
John MacMurchy
Scott Marshall
Joyce Aldrich
Steve Cole
Kim Kaskiw
Kirk MacDonald
Tom Szczesniak
Koller Michels
Lorne Nehring
MapleLeaf Sun Rising
World Jazz For Haiti
Artists from the label Addo Records.
Brian Dickinson
Ted Warren – Broadview Two of Clubs
John Stetch
Mikko Hildén – Nova Scotia
Paul Read Orchestra
Ted Quinlan