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With this new blog that we are publishing the idea of what constitutes a good jazz website has come up. Many of the best sites I’ve seen include many and varied sites with these types of things downloadable jazz, jazz news, live jazz video, info and bios of the best jazz musicians, examples of the best of jazz music, links to jazz resources, resources for jazz musicians, links to Facebook jazz fan pages, social Media engagement, articles about jazz musicians and more. These are all the things that we are planning to have on TheJazzBox.ca.

Source: google.ca via Timothy on Pinterest

We are also considering forums where jazz musicians can connect and engage with their audiences and network for gigs etc. with other jazz musicians. But mostly it will be an enhanced vehicle for jazz musicians to market and distribute their work.
It has become all to apparent to me that jazz musicians need all the help they can get with these aspects of their careers and often it is woefully lacking in their training. I think I have a good idea why.
Jazz is an intricate and sophisticated art form that takes an incredible amount of technical prowess on their instruments, therefore hours of practice are required. At the end of the day they may have no time left for other things especially if they are also teaching and most must to make ends meet!
It is our goal to help with all of this in partnership with the musicians creating a synergistic whole of marketing and media engagement raising the profile of jazz to a markedly higher level.
There are a myriad of other sites out there where a jazz musician can put up their music and make it available to the public but they do nothing to engage with the musician and help In a real and tangible way! TheJazzBox.ca plans to change all of that and in a way level the playing field, if you will, and help the jazz musician make more deserved income.
We want to
Make it one if the coolest and best designed websites for all people including the jazz musician himself!
Thanks please leave any comments that you think may help!