Wayne Shorter Quartet: Without a Net

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This is not a studio project – the tracks were recorded live reflecting Wayne Shorter‘s vitality and the strength of his quartet. Shorter is 8o years old – the quartet composed by drummer Brian Blade, bassist John Patitucci and pianist Danilo Perez - is playing together for over 10 years – most of the tracks are from the 2011 European tour showing their creative mutual understanding.  

Track Listing: Orbits; Starry Night; S. S. Golden Mean; Plaza Real; Myrrh; Pegasus; Flying Down to Rio; Zero Gravity to the 10th Power; (The Notes) Unidentified Flying Objects.

Personnel: Wayne Shorter: soprano and tenor saxophones, whistling (7, 8); Danilo Pérez: piano; John Patitucci: bass; Brian Blade: drums; Valerie Coleman: flute (6); Toyin Spellman- Diaz: oboe (6); Mariam Adam: clarinet (6); Jeff Scott: French horn (6); Monica Ellis: bassoon (6).

Without A Net_Wayne Shorter

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From the Slums of New Orleans to the Palaces of Europe: Meet Louis Armstrong – Musician

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Meet Louis Armstrong – musician. You, the reader, may be muttering, “You must be joking: Everyone knows Louis Armstrong – musician and trumpet player, and he’s still world- famous even though he is long-gone from this earth!” In reality, only a tiny fraction of the many people around the world who “know” Louis Armstrong actually does.

king_oliver[1]Joe (King) Oliver and the Creole Jazz Band – 1923. King Oliver is on muted cornet behind the kneeling Louis Armstrong and Armstrong’s future second wife, pioneer jazz pianist, Lil Hardin.

Years ago, as a teen-aged, aspiring trumpet player, I had Louis Armstrong pegged as an old-timer from New Orleans whose trumpet playing sounded frayed around the edges. His questionable virtuosity on the trumpet seemed somewhat offset by his appealing “feel” for the music of his home town. His was an infectious style of playing – real soul – the inevitable outcome of growing…

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